Frequently Asked Questions

How do I ensure I have the best chance of securing the jobs I bid on?

Two things that are important to a lot of coubles are price and quality. We would suggest you submit your most competitive quotes whilst being completely transparent about what the price includes. You may be able to offer a reduced price to the couples as they don’t require the full package for the deal that you usually offer. For example: If you offer an 8 hour photography package but the couple only wants you for 6 hours, you can produce an individualised bid based on their unique requirements.

Be sure to listen to what the bride and groom want and ensure you can match their needs. Be specific about what you offer. Tell them about your experience. Tell them about the quality of your product or service. Ask them as many questions as you want. It’s still possible to build up a rapport with clients without meeting in person. Doing this, gives you a better chance of securing the job.