Wedding Bid Easy ltd has been created to transform the way weddings are planned in the UK.

WeddingBidEasy.co.uk was created with the belief that engaged couples should have a stress free, enjoyable wedding planning process, with a dream wedding at an affordable price at the end of it. There is currently no other website in the UK that offers this service.

WeddingBidEasy.co.uk links brides/bridegrooms with businesses who provide a service or product for the wedding – car hire, flowers, catering, photographer and more through a reverse auction platform.

WeddingBidEasy.co.uk receives the job request from the bride. Businesses then submit individualised competitive quotes for brides’ requirements. The bride then picks their most suited supplier and confirms the job.

It is simple, effective and provides an important service in the organisation of the big day.

Wedding Bid Easy Ltd benefits both businesses and brides. For further information or if you have any questions please contact us at info@weddingbideasy.co.uk